20 % more Chevrolet Bolts on the road soon

July 31 2018,

20 % more Chevrolet Bolts on the road soon

Chevrolet’s EV solution, the Chevrolet Bolt, has surpassed sales expectations in basically every market where it is offered. That means that GM and Chevrolet dealerships are quickly running out of cars, and that therefore explains why the automaker is planning on upping Bolt production in the coming weeks.

The world’s first long-range affordable electric vehicle

Indeed, Chevrolet announced last week its intention to increase Bolt production by 20 % in order to meet demand. The new Bolt, which features a segment-leading 383 kilometers of range, is the world’s first affordable long-range electric vehicle.

Consumers are therefore flocking to the Bolt which, depending on the government rebates you get on it, can be yours for less than $40,000.

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